Network Wellness Service

Whether you need capacity planning, response time analysis, or a better overall understanding of how your network functions, a Network Wellness gives you clear, complete visibility into your network’s vital signs. By understanding how your network functions, you can make more informed decisions for improving the performance of your network.

The Network Specialist completes a comprehensive survey of the performance and configuration characteristics of your network. You then get a report containing an executive summary, observations of current network performance, and recommendations for improving your network infrastructure. This information is especially useful prior to system migrations or enhancements, or when you are evaluating possible network design changes.

When you can see into your existing network, you can improve performance, prepare a proposal, or evaluate a new design. With a Network Wellness exam from a Network Specialist, you can be confident that your network has been diagnosed by a seasoned expert — giving you a network picture that’s clear, current, and complete.

Network Wellness service is a thorough review and report of your network conducted by an experienced Network Specialist who studies, diagnoses, and analyzes the performance of your information enterprise.

From traffic volume to transmission issues to loading patterns, Wellness provides the information you need to locate a problem, analyze trends, and make more informed network management decisions. With visibility into the who, what, when, why, and how of your network, you have actionable information necessary to maximizing performance and ensuring a high level of service to end-users.

Our Network Specialists have extensive experience supporting enterprise client/server networks, so they’re particularly equipped to help you overcome the most challenging network issues. Network Specialists have Certified Network Expert(TM) (CNX) credentials and an in-depth background in network troubleshooting and analysis. And Network Specialists are exerted at using Network General products, that your particular problem is being tackled by the industry’s best minds applying the industry’s best tools and systems. Plus, all Network Specialists have the full support and backing of Network General, the largest company in the world totally dedicated to network fault and performance management.

How It Works
The Network Wellness service consists of a project plan, data collection using Network General tools, and a network performance report detailing specific Network Specialist recommendations for improvement. This service can be performed onsite or remotely; it can also be conducted as an individual project or as periodic check-ups within a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Customers have the option of customizing data collection and reports according to their specific needs; prices vary depending on network characteristics and customization options.

How It Helps
By providing a complete review and report of your network’s vital signs, Wellness gives you a clear, current, and comprehensive understanding of your network. This is essential to maximizing current performance as well as building in future optimization.

Periodic check-ups help you protect your investment in your information technology infrastructure. For long-term planning, Wellness provides the information foundation necessary to embarking on system migration or enhancement plans. Either way, the Wellness service also provides network professionals with extra assurance — accurate, actionable information upon which to meet your service level agreements.

Step 1 – The Project Plan
Setting Objectives
Network General’s Wellness service begins with a Project Plan. This is the point at which your team and your Network Specialist work together in developing the procedures, activities, and objectives of the project.

Step 2 – Data Collection
Being Sure to Get the Whole Picture
Using Network General’s expert network fault and performance tools, your Network Specialist proceeds with the systematic, thorough collection of data in accordance with your established goals. This procedure — which occurs over a period of 24 to 48 hours, depending on the number of segments/rings being monitored by Sniffer® Network Analyzers — typically includes:

· An initial assessment through trace file and expert data review · A 24-hour monitoring period for traffic load patterns · Expert statistical analysis; data harvest and load-out Areas addressed by Wellness include: · Transmission reliability: Pinpoints retransmission errors, congested routes, and connection problems · Loading patterns: Analyzes network utilization, average frame sizes, and errors per megabyte · Type of traffic: Determines protocols and frame size distribution · Station traffic and error statistics: Uncovers slow response times In addition, your Network Specialist can conduct extended baselining activities to provide a detailed characterization of network traffic and the behavior of specific network devices.

Step 3 – Final Report
Specific Recommendations to Enhance Performance
The final Wellness element is a thorough report on the state of your network. With the Network Specialist’s assessment in front of you, you have more than just a look at the status quo — you have specific recommendations about how to enhance network performance and reliability. A Network Wellness report provides actionable information on network traffic for each measured segment; this includes summaries and analysis of:

· Usage history for a specific period of observation · Traffic (byte/frames) to and from observed active stations · Most active and/or error-prone station · Distribution of frame size and protocol type · Application/device response times (an additional service option) · Network structure and any related problems, current or potential

A thorough network assessment like this is especially valuable prior to system migration or enhancements. With this information, you can easily focus your network infrastructure spending on the areas where you get the best return on your investment.