Emerging Technologies

LogiWare Computer Consultant’s Emerging Technologies Division evaluates and integrates new technologies with current systems. Over the past years, LogiWare Training Center has undergone evolutionary changes that have laid the groundwork for major growth in the computer technology and consulting business.

We are committed to maintaining our high standards of excellence in the computer technology and consulting industry. In order to achieve this goal, we must continue to stay on top of all the new technologies that our clients need to master to remain competitive in their respective markets. Additionally, we know that we have to work very hard to give each customer the kind of personal attention that they have come to expect from LogiWare.

At LogiWare Training Center we offer different types of classes to meet the varying needs of our clientele. For large companies, we offer Private Classes with curriculum customized for your specific needs. For small companies and individuals, there are Public Classes that offer expert training at affordable prices. Finally, for busy secretaries and executives and we have Administrative Classes and Executive Classes.

Private Classes
To meet the individual needs of your company, LogiWare Training Center will customize the course cirrocumuli specifically for you. Additionally, we will create manuals based on this curriculum for your employees to keep as a reference once the class is completed. Private classes can be held at either our offices or yours.

Public Classes
We understand that training can be an expensive, time-consuming proposition. At LogiWare Training Center, we feel that computer skills are so important in today’s workplace that everyone should be able to afford the time and money required. That is why our public classes are so popular. We offer public classes on a wide range of topics – everything from word processing to website development. These classes are held at our conveniently located offices in Middle River, Maryland. The class size reflects an intimate atmosphere where each student receives the attention needed.

Administrative Classes
As an Administrative Assistant, you are expected to be able to churn out documents and presentations at lightning speed. To accomplish this task, you must know not just what features are available, but the quickest ways to use them. Our Administrative Classes focus on the features and tips most useful to you.

Executive Classes
Executives often do not have the time available to leave their office for a training session. That’s why LogiWare Training Center offers Executive Classes. These classes are tailored to fit the busiest schedule. Our expert trainers will focus on only those features of interest to you at a time and location most convenient to you.
The members of this division are members of many technology groups and participate in technology standards forums. This resource meets (brainstorm sessions) to discuss the integration of new technology with our current and developing computer software/hardware systems.