Internet Systems

LogiWare’s is a computer consulting company offering both Internet connectivity solutions and Web hosting and e-commerce packages. The connectivity products include a complete suite of Internet and Information Management services with a wide range of bandwidth options – from 56K dialup, ISDN, DSL, frame relay, and Ethernet services.

Partners with one of the top 10 Web domain hosting companies in the world, LogiWare’s LogiServers product line offers a range of Windows 2003, NT, Unix, and Linux virtual servers as a powerful and cost-effective alternative to buying and maintaining a dedicated server and Internet connections. Hosting solutions range from entry-level to dedicated servers and offer virtual hosting capabilities and e-commerce tools. Customers can host multiple domains on a single LogiServer. Our Internet Web servers offer more control and administrative privileges than traditional hosting companies. To learn more about our Logiserver products, go to or see a summary of the product line below.