IT consulting

LogiWare is helping our clients to enhance the strategic value of their IT investments through our IT Tactical Consulting Services, which include Project Portfolio Optimization, Software Selection and Project Management. These services are designed to assist you in developing an enterprise-wide IT tactical strategy that’s closely aligned with your business objectives, selecting the software you need to successfully implement that strategy and managing your IT projects to ensure that they’re completed on time and on budget. LogiWare has been providing IT services and solutions to companies for more than a 12+ years. Our experience and expertise, as well as our proven methodologies and tools, enable us to offer companies what they need to gain a competitive edge using IT. Through our IT Tactical Consulting Services, we can help to ensure that your IT dollars and efforts consistently deliver business value and contribute to the long-term success of your organization.

LogiWare’s Project Portfolio Optimization Service
LogiWare’s IT Tactical Consulting Services offer a practical, proven approach- Project Portfolio Optimization- to help companies ensure that their IT projects are contributing to business productivity and growth. By closely integrating your IT and business goals, our Project Portfolio Optimization process ensures the optimal use of your valuable IT resources.

LogiWare’s Software Selection Service
Companies that recognize the power of leveraging commercial, off-the-shelf software face a challenging question, “Which product is right for my organization?” The marketplace is saturated with vendors offering a multitude of products that may or may not address the needs of your company. Sifting through the vast array of vendors and products can be an overwhelming and risky undertaking. Very few companies can afford the costs associated with selecting the wrong software. At LogiWare, we offer a field-tested, four-phase software selection process designed to match your software needs with the right software products.

Phase1: Project Planning

Phase2: Process Analysis and Requirements Definition

Phase3: Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Phase4: Contract Negotiation

This structured process is conducted in a controlled manner with clearly defined milestones and deliverables. It provides our clients with the following benefits:

  • Objective, unbiased vendor information
  • Extensive knowledge of the software application marketplace
  • Software selection knowledge base based on “best practices”
  • Business process redesign expertise

LogiWare’s Project Management Service
LogiWare’s Project Management Service helps you to significantly reduce your project costs and minimize the risk of project failure

According to the Project Management Institute, a poorly managed project increases the total cost of the project by up to 17 percent. A lack of effective project management not only increases costs, but the risk of failure as well. The success of your IT project depends on a field-tested, structured and organized project management approach- an approach that LogiWare has perfected in over a decade of managing IT projects for companies.

LogiWare’s End-to-End IT Services
LogiWare’s IT Tactical Consulting Services are a part of our full-line of IT services designed to provide customers in key vertical industries with powerful, end-to-end solutions that address their industry-specific business and technology needs. In addition to IT Tactical Consulting, our services include E-Business, Application Development, Application Modernization and Application Management. Once we’ve helped you to formulate a competitive IT tactical Strategy, we’re fully prepared to offer the services needed to effectively implement that strategy.