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LogiWare, LLC (LogiWare) is committed to supporting the effectiveness of our clients through the application of high-quality life cycle systems engineering for advanced communication and information system application. Founded in June of 1987, and certified as a State of Maryland Minority Business in 1999, LogiWare is an advanced technology solutions-oriented systems engineering and integration firm with a history of technical excellence and customer satisfaction. Recognizing the benefit of its extensive corporate resources and diverse business base.

LogiWare has experience in the application of life cycle systems engineering methodologies to engineer, furnish and install turnkey systems encompasses the broad spectrum of knowledge areas required to successfully support advanced computer and information system and technology applications.

LogiWare Corporate Organization
LogiWare is advanced technology information systems and networking company that employs a multi-disciplined staff. We are currently undergoing a period of significant growth. This growth is directly related to customer satisfaction with our technical performance and the direct involvement of corporate management in all major stages of program development and implementation. LogiWare utilizes a highly effective management approach that allows all programmatic phases to be carefully controlled by a well-structured hierarchy of trained professionals.

The company is organized into three Technical Divisions and several staff support groups under the direction of the founding partners, who are responsible for the operations and management of the company. Each of the divisions is chartered to support a specific system area and thus maintains a technical staff dedicated to performing contractual efforts in their respective area of responsibility. Corporate staff and support services are centrally provided across all Technical Divisions.

Complementing this operational organization are corporate staff functions including business development, contracts, administrative, and personnel as well as support groups providing financial, data processing, and accounting services.

¤ Software Development
¤ System Design
¤ Installation and Design of LAN’s/WAN’S
¤ Data Communications
¤ Hardware/Software Integration
¤ Data Conversion
¤ Network Systems Analysis
¤ Computer/Electronic Security
¤ Document Conversion
¤ Form Development – PDF and XML Forms
¤ Disaster Recovery Analysis
¤ Multi-Media Systems Design
¤ Multi-Media Presentations
¤ Desk Publishing
¤ Computer Training
¤ Computer Maintenance
¤ User Support (Software/Hardware)
¤ Integrated Imaging
¤ Document Management Systems
¤ Wireless Solutions