The tremendous growth in the volume of information within the business enterprise, influence the need to differentiate through the creation and protection of intellectual capital. Combined with increased legislation requiring organizations to provide auditable records have made Enterprise Content Management (ECM) a strategic imperative for organizations. The recordkeeping criterial requirement in record and information management means an adherence to a set of principles that relate to record integrity. The principles are applied regardless of how long the record must be retained for legal, fiscal, administrative, or historical needs.

LogiWare, LLC provide the state of the art products and services, which generate the solution and requirement expectation your firm demand. The products are in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA and Privacy Act of 1974.

Our Document Imaging and Document Management System enhancements:
   . Improve productivity and operational efficiency.
   . Rapid access to information and process intelligence.
   . Improved organizational and individual accountability.
   . Automate the organization business processes.
   . Provide an automated document management and workflow system.
   . Facilitate digital communications in a multitude of formats such as images, text documents, forms,       web pages, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, drawings, e-mail, video and multimedia.
   . Solutions that make collaboration easier.
   . Streamlined solutions and training for user acceptance.

LogiWare, LLC is a Premiere Partner of Integrated Digital Systems/ScanAmerica Inc. (IDS)


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