Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose an LogiWare/IDS solution for my company's needs?
. LW/IDS is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
. LW/IDS has over a decade of experience and is a Maryland and Virginia corporation in good standing. IDS solutions save your company time and money by streamlining your business processes.
. LW/IDS provides digital repository solutions for your converted documents and makes them securely web accessible 24/7.
. LW/IDS solutions work with most open architecture based software.
. Reduce operating cost by eliminating unnecessary printing, copying, and time spent searching for documents.
. LW/IDS provides a complimentary on-site document management assessment.
. Documents, large format images, and e-forms are easily accessible for field work, meetings, or presentations.
. We eliminate the technical learning curve and get you operating productively ASAP, while fully training your IT resource to maintain the system or by maintaining it for you.

What is LogiWare, LLC Document Management Solution?
. LogiWare, LLC integrated software and hardware is an affordable high-performance solution, which allows you to manage both Paper and Digital Documents.
. You can rapidly deploy documents in one department, or across your entire enterprise, without costly on-site assistance.
. You can perform full-text retrieval by highlighting a search word or phrase in your Microsoft Office, email, ERP, or other applications.

What type of Documents do you manage?
. A Management system can include documents' for accounts receivable and payable, general ledger, manufacturing, order entry, purchasing, warehousing, human resources, medical records, engineering and transportation.
. LogiWare, LLC Document Management System is now very affordable, secure, and scaleable and reduce paper storage.

What is LogiWare, LLC Document Imaging?
. Document Imaging software lets you use a scanner or digital copier to scan documents into your computer system and allow you to search and view your documents.
. Document Imaging allows you to scan, OCR, index, search and protect documents, and optionally route the documents to different departments or individuals.
. The documents can be automatically routed based on content, e.g., also provides a business management process by letting you define a multiple-step workflow to route documents.
. You can scan, monitor and control documents both over your LAN (local-area-network) and over the Internet.

Is the software product certified?
. Yes our products and services for healthcare record management are HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.
. Microsoft supported and certified.

What other document management services and solutions do you provide?
. Conversion Service Solutions include: Document Capture, XML Conversion, Adobe PDF Creation, Data Capture and Validation, Forms Capture, OCR, ICR, X-Rays, Barcode print/read, and Scan to WORD 2003.
. Process paper document, microfilm, microfiche, CD, DVD and Aperture Cards. Our center provides a secure document vault to protect the customer assets during the conversion procedure.

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