Visual Report Engine Pro

The VisualRep is a query and reporting tool for developers and end-users alike. It is TWO products in ONE:

Framework for developers allowing them to easily run Queries and Reports. A stand-alone application that can be run by the end-user from the computer desktop, or within an application. It offers a broad range of features, including access to the most popular databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Visual FoxPro, and MS Access. VisualRep reads all data dictionary metadata directly from the specified Database, such as tables, relations, fields name, field formats, and captions. You can generate a report with the following outputs:

PDF, HTML,Word, Excel, XML, Text and Dbf file. For the PDF file, there is no need to install Adobe Acrobat. It could be the report writer of your choice.

Saves Time
A 95% time savings may be realized because complex reports can be created simply by selecting the tables and fields in a Wizard. In a few minutes, you will be able to run a variety of reports with a minimum learning curve.

Creates Relations on the fly
Selecting tables, such as Clients and Order, will automatically create the relation between the tables. VisualRep will inherit the database referential integrity and will create the SQL statement on the fly based on the tables and fields selection.


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