Network Troubleshooting

Network Troubleshooting
Today’s complex heterogeneous network environments often complicate your efforts in solving network problems. And as your network evolves, the challenge of delivering network service in the most efficient way continues to grow. Our network troubleshooting services ease the job of managing your network by providing access to a team of troubleshooting experts for rapid fault isolation and problem resolution. Their in-depth backgrounds in troubleshooting, combined with a fact-based analysis methodology, give you the actionable information needed to improve network performance and reliability.

Troubleshooting involves the real-time collection and assessment of data, along with trace file analysis and recommendations for problem resolution. Each of our three troubleshooting services employs a disciplined, methodical troubleshooting approach to these processes.

· Network Enterprise Troubleshooting
· Emergency Response Troubleshooting
· Standard Response Troubleshooting

Network Enterprise Troubleshooting
Comprehensive priority assistance for urgent and less critical network problems Network Enterprise Troubleshooting is a comprehensive solution that emphasizes solving problems remotely and includes a nationwide team of field consultants who are available for an on-site response when necessary. We provide troubleshooting and analysis for your urgent or less critical network problems covering fault isolation, analysis and resolution, and trace file analysis. Network Enterprise Troubleshooting is a “safety net” for helping you resolve network problems.

Network Enterprise Troubleshooting is a one-year contract service with packaged consulting hours. This plan enables you to secure priority response to network problems and eliminate additional premiums for urgent calls.

Because one fixed-price contract is issued, no per-incident paperwork is required — avoiding interim administrative barriers to problem resolution. Although remote assistance is more cost-effective, you can optionally convert remote hours to on-site hours when required. To access the service, call our toll-free number Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time to connect you to our Network Support Center. Your calls receive first priority and are responded to within two hours.

Emergency Response Troubleshooting
Immediate help for urgent network problems Emergency Response Troubleshooting provides a swift response to your urgent network problems on a per-incident basis. This service is geared toward solving network crises and preventing interruptions to your business as they arise. Our consultants, who work at either your site or remotely, make an initial assessment of your network problem and then provide in-depth analysis to help you quickly resolve the problem.

Standard Response Troubleshooting
Expertise for less critical network problems Not all network problems are emergencies. Standard Response Troubleshooting is a service for solving less critical network problems on a per-incident basis. Through this service, we gather information on your network and review and interpret trace files taken during problem events. We identify causes of problems, use annotated trace files for documentation, and recommend solutions to those problems. This service is delivered either on-site or remotely.