Network Security Service

Network Security Requirements and Policies
LogiWare has significant experience helping its clients meet their Internet and intranet service needs. Our activities include assisting with requirements such as data bandwidth, connectivity, on and off-premises support for Domain Name Services, World Wide Web server, electronic mail, public FTP, telnet access, and selecting Internet service providers. This service assists clients in the formation of a concise set of security policies that define information access needs, the levels and degree of access allowed, and protections to be taken for information security. The program can be expanded to provide documentation of a comprehensive organizational information security policy if needed.

Server and Workstation Security Assessment and Planning
Perimeter security, no matter how complete, may not be sufficient to protect information systems from all attacks. Either the perimeter may be breached, or an attack may come from an insider. LogiWare offers a security profiling service that tests mission-critical hosts, servers, and workstations for vulnerabilities. This research initially performed on a small sample of the total population, helps determine if a larger, full-scale server and workstation security program is warranted. LogiWare uses automated, repeatable test suites to examine UNIX, Windows NT, and Novell servers, and UNIX or other IP-compliant workstations. The results of our testing identify system vulnerabilities from both external threats as well as internal ones. The client receives an evaluation of their existing security practices, recommendations for an action plan, and documentation that will form the basis for an ongoing protection program.

Network Perimeter Security Systems Design
LogiWare develops a complete Internet/Intranet access and firewall perimeter security design consistent with the client’s Internet requirements and security policies. This design is assembled using a range of standard and custom components selected to best fit the client’s connectivity and security needs. Design scope can be expanded as desired to include dial-in access, authentication, and encryption services.

Firewall Implementation
LogiWare implements the client’s Internet/intranet firewall design and helps secure external servers according to industry-accepted standards and practices. This service includes developing and implementing access controls in client routers, installation of software components in the application gateway and WWW servers, and setting up appropriate Domain Name System entries. Other components can be installed at the client’s request.

Network Security Testing And Certification
LogiWare tests the client’s Internet/intranet connection, firewall and application gateway, and external servers such as a World Wide Web site for resistance to known “attack” methodologies. Using industry-accepted tools and practices, we examine your site and simulate an attack from external sources. We document the results and provide written certification of the tests performed.