Executive Summary

LogiWare, LLC (LOGIWARE) is committed to supporting the effectiveness of our clients through the application of high-quality life cycle systems engineering for advanced communication and information system applications.  Founded in June of 1987, and certified as a State of Maryland Small Business (SBE) and Minority Business in 1999, LOGIWARE is an advanced technology solutions-oriented systems engineering and integration firm with a history of technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

LOGIWARE has experience in the application of life cycle systems engineering methodologies. To engineer, furnish and install turnkey systems encompasses a broad spectrum of knowledge in the areas required to successfully support advanced computer hardware, information systems, and technology applications.

LOGIWARE has been a partner with Integrated Digital Systems/ScanAmerica, Inc., since 2000, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, SWAM Certified Small Business, Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), and GSA Partner, and manufacturer of business and government document management software products and solutions.

LOGIWARE employs a multi-disciplined staff and we are currently undergoing a periled of significant growth. This growth is directly related to customer satisfaction and our technical performance. We engage client management in all major stages of projects from design, implementation, and training while providing the customer with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to support their current and future technology needs. LOGIWARE utilizes a highly effective management approach that allows control of all phases of the project in a well-structured hierarchy with experienced professionals.

The following represents some of the areas that LogiWare, LLC (LOGIWARE), a premium partner with Integrated Digital Systems/Scan America, Inc. (hereinafter “TEAM”) has demonstrated it is capable of providing the agency or department solutions. This document should demonstrate the TEAM is the right source and partner.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Secure, Scalable, and Affordable Electronic Document Management Systems
  • Secure and Scalable Web-Based Information Sharing, Collaboration, and Archive Portals
  • Paper Processing, Digitizing, and Hosting for Web-Based Remote Access and Disaster Recovery
  • HIPAA Compliant Medical Record Capture and Store Systems
  • Microsoft Product and Services
  • Design, Build and  Manage small to large Customer Scanning Centers
  • Paper Process Reviews and Automation through Workflow Software Application
  • Secure Production Level Document and Data Conversion Services
  • Forms, Surveys, and Data Capture Services
  • Capture and Archive Services
  • Infrastructure Drawings Capture and Secure Sharing for First Responders
  • Real-time Deconfliction Systems and Reporting for Regional or National Incident and Case Management

Since 1995, TEAM has been providing the Federal, State, and Local government, Education, Healthcare Providers, and Commercial Clients with document conversion services, document management solutions, business process management consulting, workflow process design, digital imaging integration, and data processing services. TEAM personnel is trained, certified, and experienced in providing commercial, healthcare, and government customers with document management solutions, electronic healthcare records management, students records management, correspondence management systems, and business process consulting. TEAM is versed in HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant products, digital signing and security products (PKI), 508C integration and support, document conversion services, litigation support services, technical support, installation, maintenance, and third-party product integration.

Services provided include, but are not limited to, business process re-engineering consulting, imaging solutions, data capture and data entry, document management, application services (ASP), secure document web-based hosting services (DigitalEdocs.com), network configuration and Internet design, product development, integration, installation, paper and film conversion services, quality control, document preparation, indexing, and programming services featuring the full line of Microsoft and other related products.